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this is my silver play button presented to my channel.

youtube play button

When you reach a specific subscriber milestone youtube gives you an award , known as play button .following are the steps to getting youtube play button .There are four types of play button.

youtube monetization policy

In today’s modern era youtube is one of the best medium to earn money. But due to growing competition youtube has made some strict youtube monetization policy which you have to adhere in order to get your channel monetized .

Siteground vs bluehost

Whenever you think of starting your own website ,you must have thought a hundred times that which hosting you should go for .After all its a big decision .same has happend with me when i was starting my first blog.

Best Video Editing Apps
How to Build Backlinks
Money Transfer Apps

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what is life hacks ? well going by the dictionary definition , it is a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activity in a more efficient way so here i will tell you few life hacks that will save a lot of your time and money .
As we all are aware of the importance of money so, when it comes to making money online there’s nothing better than YouTube. In this post, I will tell you how to make money from youtube. YouTube pays really well, so investing your time on YouTube is never a bad idea. It can either make your efforts worth it and pay it all off, or it could all go a Vain :(.
When you are out in the market to buy laptops, there are two names that will outshine all others; Dell and HP. HP and Dell are well established brands in the market and they produce quality products. Dell and HP have laptops in the range which suits your needs and budget. whether you are a student, Blogger, Designer or Gamer you will find the laptop with all the features but which laptop brand is better , dell vs hp?

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