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All we try to do here is make you feel home and keep our family updated and informed about everything we do. Welcome to the family, this is Your Junction. we have more than 300k subscribers on YouTube.

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Hii, my name is saurav dixit . i am an indian youtuber and blogger, having more than 300k subs on my youtube channel.

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Whenever you think of starting your own website ,you must have thought a hundred times that which hosting you should go for .After all its a big decision .same has happend with me when i was starting my first blog. I was also struggling to make a choice between siteground vs bluehost.    

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In today’s modern era youtube is one of the best medium to earn money. But due to growing competition youtube has made some strict youtube monetization policy which you have to adhere in order to get your channel monetized .This post is all about  how you can monetize your content on YouTube to start generating revenue.

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When you reach a specific subscriber milestone youtube gives you an award , known as play button .following are the steps to getting youtube play button .

The four play buttons are awarded at the following points :

  • SILVER – 1,00,000 subscribers or more
  • GOLD – 10,00,000 subscriber or more
  • DIAMOND – 10,000,000 subscriber or more
  • CUSTOM – 50 million subscriber or more

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