Best Android  Apps | April 2020

Best Android Apps | April 2020

best android apps

It is being rightly said that apps ecosystem is the biggest strength of android. There are tons of apps listed on playstore . you can download them multiple times with or without cost .There are many apps that are not popular in the wider community but are excellent . here i have categorised some of the best apps according to their usage.

top 5 android apps

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Best gaming apps ( free )

describe gaming apps

1 .ludo king

ludo king

ludo king is a free mobile gaming app developed by indian studio gametion technology private limited owned by vikash jaiswal.

it supports desktop, android , os and windows mobile platform at the same time.

it is the one of the best ludo games available in the market . you can play both online and offline.

you can play with computer or local multiplayer and also with friends and family living far from you .

Although it is a free game but there are coins , diamonds and many things you can buy to upgrade your performance.

ludo king

2 . jumpy tile

jumpy tile  gaming app

Jumpy tile is a free casual game last updated on 12 may 2016 . its latest version is 5.2 of 4.36 mb . it is an addictive short time game to pass your time .

The best thing about this game is you don’t need internet connection while playing . you can easily play it while travelling to such areas where you don’t have access to internet .

3. Brain dots

brain dots

This is a simple looking yet challenging game . all you need to do is clear a stage by bumping the two balls to get access to next stage . this game also give you some hints if you are not able to clear a stage. download the game and get ready for some brain exercise .

Best apps for wallpapers

watch the following video to know about the best wallpaper apps for android phones.

list of some other amazing apps ( quick list )

wanna kicks

you can try your favorite shoes with the help of this app.

android app, wanna kicks

Microsoft mobile solver

you can easily solve any mathematical summation with the help of this app.all you have to do is simply open the back camera ,show the sum to the app and you are done . now you don’t have to rely on a topper friend to do homework.

microsoft mobile solver , android app

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