DELL VS HP : which laptop brand is better ?

DELL VS HP : which laptop brand is better ?

dell vs hp

When you are out in the market to buy laptops, there are two names that will outshine all others; Dell and HP. HP and Dell are well-established brands in the market and they produce quality products. Dell and HP have laptops in the range which suits your needs and budget. whether you are a student, Blogger, Designer, or Gamer you will find the laptop with all the features but which laptop brand is better, dell vs hp?

 There are a lot of things in play here like what kind of processor, what kind of graphic card, how much memory can be installed, SD Drive and price….etc…There are a lot of factors that determine which laptop brand is better dell vs hp and what is going to be better for you.

HP and Dell both produce different kinds of model with lots of features and One thing you can compare to is price and features. So go to shop or online websites; where you can easily compare to each other. It depends on your choice and your pocket!!

which brand is better : dell and hp

Hp laptops :

  1. Processor: Intel HD graphics processor is used in low processor machines which performs very well and IN gaming machines they use NVIDIA Graphic Processors for the better performance
  2. Design: HP has a number of good looking laptops with a sleek and stylish design for which most of them will look for.
  3. Price: HP Laptops start from the range of Rs. 21,000 and you will also get the warranty. If you want to buy the laptop under RS. 30,000 you can go with HP Laptop.

Dell Laptops:

  1. Processor: Dell Uses AMD and Intel processors, dual-core processors in their budget machines, quad-core processors in high spec machines NVIDIA Graphic Processors in the gaming machines.
  2. Design: Dell doesn’t have many designs when compared to HP because they work more on functionality than design.
  3. Price: Dell laptops start from the range of Rs. 25,000.
strength and weakness

HP’s Key Strengths: Wide selection, Solid tech support, Sexy designs

HP’s Main Weaknesses: No high-end gaming, Poor battery life, Bland Business Laptops

Dell’s Key Strengths: XPS, Alienware, Great warranty

Dell’s Main Weaknesses: Forgettable low-end and business models, Mediocre tech support

With my personal experience, Dell has better and long-lasting hardware when compared to Hp.
I cannot guarantee for today because last Hp and Dell Laptop I had was 5 years ago, The Dell Inspiron 5520 is still up and in working condition, but HP Pavilion G6, that I owned, had stopped working years ago and its body also tampered long ago.
And Dell provides better service than HP, At least in my region.

few graphs to understand the things better

percentage of dell and hp
as you can see malfunction rates by manufacturer of dell is 18.3 percent and that of hp is 25.6 percent
market share

top brands of laptops
dell hp market share

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